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We are extremely fortunate to have an amazing and kind-hearted group of horses. Each horse excels at being a therapy horse and displays a special kind of spirit and skill that brings joy in to the heart of riders and handlers alike. Learn more about our wonderful horses. Who’s your favorite?

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Hi I'm Cinderella, but you can call me Cindy!  I might be small, but I'm a hard working girl!  I love to work with children and especially new riders.  I'm always looking for a treat, oh how I love treats!  I hope you'll come see me soon!





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Hi, I'm Willy!  I'm an old man (almost 100 in people years) but I'm still loads of fun!  I'm cool, calm and collected and  I always go with the flow!  I hope to see you (with an apple in your hand) soon!






Messages from Kos, Gretel and Hans coming soon!

Thank you for your interest in therapeutic riding! The staff, horses, and volunteers look forward to serving you and your family!